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Turismo Social (PITS)

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La Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes del Perú, como parte de una organización de carácter mundial, y teniendo como objetivo principal la formación integral de jóvenes. Desde el año 2004 viene consolidando sus programas de turismo social en unión con: 
  • Becket & Chimney Corners YMCA Camp (Massachusetts).
  • Camp Chief Ouray - YMCA of the Rockies (Colorado)
  • Millennium high school of New York.
  • International YMCA of New York
  • Camp Seagull – Carolina del Norte
  • YMCA of the triangle
Este vínculo nos ha permitido brindar la oportunidad a personas de todas las edades de ser embajadores de su cultura en el Perú. Recibimos grupos durante todo el año. Buscamos que cada grupo este conformado por 15 personas como máximo, quienes disfrutan 2 a 4 semanas (dependiendo del presupuesto de cada grupo)  realizando actividades de interacción con jóvenes y familias peruanas, realizando trabajo comunitario, y participando de actividades turísticas.

PITS es un programa dirigido a YMCA’s y organizaciones en el mundo, que trabaja sobre 4 ejes: Recreación, Cultura, Trabajo Social Y Turismo.

Los participantes tienen la oportunidad de:

  • Conocer de cerca el trabajo ACJ en el Perú en todos los aspectos a través de nuestras sedes en Lima, Trujillo y Arequipa, así como en nuestros campamentos Y’ Camp (verano) y Azpitia (invierno).
  • Ser parte de nuestra cultura a través de la visita a museos o la experiencia única de permanecer en  “Homestays – Familias peruanas” con peruanos de la misma edad.
  • Trabajar en Campamentos y Programas de Desarrollo Social YMCA a través de la construcción de escaleras, muros, veredas, pintado de fachadas, plantado de árboles, entre otros.
  • Contar con una diversidad de posibilidades relacionadas al turismo, las cuales pueden ser admiradas a través de la amplia gama de destinos que nuestro país ofrece.
  • Conocer desde dunas y sandboarding, hasta Cuzco: la Ciudad de los Incas.

Who are we?

The YMCA of Perú, founded in May 17, 1920, is an educational non-profit organization. The YMCA of Perú is committed to put Christian values into practice through programs that help build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. Programs offered by the YMCA of Perú include leadership for youth, social development, year-round camps and international programs.

As part of the global character, the YMCA of Perú links together volunteers, groups of all ages, church groups, camps and organizations to the local community through sustainable service-projects. Over the past 6 years, the YMCA of Perú has hosted groups from different parts of the world (US, Chile, Germany, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela) and takes pride in offering a rich and valuable cultural experience to its global participants.

What we do?

We offer a program that is an affordable alternative to a regular vacation and provide participants the opportunity to help communities, learn about the culture and visit the sights of Perú. The combination of service and tourism culminates into a greater cultural exchange and understanding of the culture.

 We will place you in contact with real people and give you the opportunity to make a difference in their lives! In our program, participants will practice the core values of the YMCA: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility in the global community.

 We want to help your group or organization experience a rich and vibrant culture and give something back to the community!

 Does your group or organization have a passion for adventure, a love of service and a curiosity of culture? Then your group or organization would make a perfect partner for the YMCA of Perú.

What to expect?

Types of Community Service Projects:

1. Construction work in Independencia:

Participants will work together using antique construction techniques (i.e. mixing cement by hand) to construct facilities that will improve the quality of life for residents in a low-income community.

2. Visit an orphanage near the Pueblo Libre YMCA branch (Main Branch).

Arco Iris is an orphanage located walking distance from the main YMCA Branch; here participants will interact with orphans by doing various activities such as playing games, sports.

Participants do fundraisers to purchase supplies, materials and/or “goodie bags” for the orphanage.

3. Visit a orphanage and hospital for children with special needs in Lima and Cusco

At the orphanages: Casa Hogar Matilde Perez Palacio “Semillita de Esperanza” (INABIF) in Lima and La Clinica San Juan de Dios in Cuzco, participants spend time with children with special needs as they laugh and socialize together.


Trips & Adventures

Cuzco: A city located in south-eastern Perú, Cusco is famously known as the historic capital of the Inca Empire. Here you will find a unique mixture of the ancient Incan culture with Spanish influence in the buildings, customs and traditions. Located 50 miles north of Cusco is Machu Picchu, also known as “The Lost City of the Incas” and is one of the most well known icons of the Incan empire.

Ica: This city is located 186 miles south of Lima in the desert coast of southern Perú. Ica is an important agriculture region and is where products such as grapes, cotton, asparagus and olives are grown.

Lima: The capital and largest city in Perú has much to offer; the dynamic and diverse city contains museums and ancient ruins such as Pachacamac. Other grand attractions of Lima are the beaches where one can soak in the sun, practice sports, surf or simply enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

Nazca: Located south of Ica, this desert city is famously known by the Nazca culture. The intelligence and ingenuity of the engineers who lived during the Nazca times is evident in the agricultural aqueducts that are still used today. More famously recognized are the Nazca lines, which can only be completely viewed from the sky.

Puno: This city is located on the shore of Lake Titicaca and is the capital of the Puno region. Resting on Lake Titicaca are 41 floating islands, inhabited by the Uros people who depend on the lake for their survival.


Iquitos: Located on the Amazon River, Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian rainforest. A common tourist attraction is a boat tour to Belen, which leads to a community east of Iquitos. Located in this unique community are houses that are tethered to large poles and float year-round on the river.

Oxapampa: This city is located on the eastern side of Pasco in the Amazon forest. Oxapampa is a region of great biodiversity and the natural area is considered high jungle.

La Merced: This city sits northeast of Lima and here you will find waterfalls, jungle-like forest and rivers and the exotic beauty of plants and birds.

Chanchamayo: This city located in central Perú, is popularly known for its citrus and coffee production.

Cultural Immersion: Home stay

In the home stay aspect of our program, participants live with a local family where they are immersed in Peruvian customs, language, habits and traditions. Participants practice the Spanish language and gain real insight into the life of a typical Peruvian family. Many of our participants have formed life-long memories and friendships with the family that they have lived with.


YMCA Lima: The guestrooms for our participants at the Lima branch are located on the third floor of the complex. The guestrooms are separated by gender and each features bunk-beds for up to ten people and a bathroom. As a guest at the Lima YMCA, you will enjoy the gym, swimming pool, fitness classes, and soccer, basketball and volleyball courts. The YMCA also offers traditional Peruvian salsa, dance and box drum lessons.

Winter Camp at Azpitia: The winter camp is located approximately 50 miles south of Lima and is a small town that overlooks the Mala River. This charming town is surrounded by agriculture where apples, pears and grapes are cultivated. The housing accommodation in Azpitia offers 7 cabins that house up to 4 people along with a big area for camping. As a guest at our winter camp in Azpitia, you will be able to enjoy a view of the agricultural valley and Mala River. The patio with the view has an open area to dance, eat or relax. You will also find hiking trails that lead through agriculture fields and the small town or down to the Mala River.    

Summer Y Camp: Y Camp offers a wide range of lodging options. The accommodations ranges from camping lots, units for 4 people, bungalows for 6 people and cabanas for up to 14 people. Along with the stunning view and environment of the beach, you will have access to barbeque pits, trails along the beach, team building activities and sand boarding. Additionally, you can utilize the two dining halls, amphitheatre, and multi-use meeting room for your group needs.

I want more information!

Take advantage of this opportunity to volunteer abroad with your group, church or organization today!

If you are interested in receiving more information about the YMCA of Perú’s International Programs, sign up now at our website to receive information, the latest updates and news about our program!

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